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Scientific Names

(more than just a geek's way to sound cool)

If you have had the chance to read any of the captions in our photo gallery, you may have noticed that some of the critters are listed with both a common name (the easiest to pronounce one) and a scientific name (the one that looks like a gladiator wrote it) and some only have a common name. Yellow TangSo why use both sometimes and not all the time? Well the reasons why we use them at all are part of the answer to that question. Scientific names are Latin descriptive words that literally describe characteristics of organisms. All living things are classified into increasingly more specific groups. Starting with kingdom and moving down to phylum, class, order, family, genus, and finally species. So in the example of the common named Yellow Tang; the full scientific name is

Kingdom=Animalia — Animal, animals, animaux

Phylum=Chordata — chordates, cordado, cordés

Subphylum=Vertebrata — vertebrado, vertebrates, vertebras

Superclass=Osteichthyes — bony fishes, osteíceto, peixe ósseo, poissons osseux

Class=Actinopterygii — poisson épineux, poissons à nageoires rayonnées, ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes

Subclass=Neopterygii — neopterygians



Order=Perciformes — perch-like fishes

Suborder= Acanthuroidei — surgeonfishes

Family=Acanthuridae — cirujanos, poissons-chirurgiens, surgeonfishes, tangs

Genus=Zebrasoma (Swainson, 1839)

Species= Zebrasoma flavescens (Bennett, 1828) — yellow tang

Cited from

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"They were punctual, friendly, professional, and very qualified. I really can't say enough good things about this service and I highly highly recommend them."
"Eric, the owner of The Fish Guy, called back immediately and even though it was a Saturday and it was snowing, he came over prepared to repair the leak which involved a PVC pipe and joint under the aquarium. He covered the floor completely to protect it, and then cut out the leaking PVC, and replaced it. Working under an aquarium in a confined space is not easy, but he completed the work in a professional and efficient manner. I am very grateful to him for coming out on a Saturday, and not trying to take advantage of the situation."